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Anna Montaldo - Owner, CP Life


Anna Montaldo, a young adult living with Cerebral Palsy, is the founder of CP Life. She graduated from high school in St. Louis in May of 2020, after launching CP Life in 2017. 

Anna is a graduate of Boundless Babe Society, an international women-owned group dedicated to empowering women with disabilities, she is an active member of People First, a St. Louis-based local advocacy group for people with disabilities, and she is currently training to be a LifeCourse advocacy leader for UMKC. 

Her hobbies include art, photography, being social, horseback riding, spreading disability awareness, and being with family!

Presentation Description - Charting My Own Life:

Anna discusses how she used Charting the LifeCourse to take control over her own life by developing her own vocational curriculum and dictating her own transition plan. When Anna was given a pre-planned future that didn't align with her own goals, she took matters into her own hands. Learn how Anna paved hew own way.

Anna Montaldo - Owner, CP Life
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