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Volunteer Network

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What is an AmbassaDDAIR?

The purpose of our AmbassaDDAIR program is to enhance ADVOCACY, INCLUSION, and provision of RESOURCES to individuals with Developmental Disabilities through supplementing staff efforts with volunteerism from the local community. It is a goal of SB40 to assure that the AmbassaDDAIR experience is a positive and meaningful experience for the volunteers as well.

Eligibility Requirements

The AmbassaDDAIR program is a volunteer program. AmbassaDDAIRs are not paid for time spent working in the program. Requirements: 

  • Complete an AmbassaDDAIR Agreement form and Waiver.

  • Be at least 18 years of age at the time the volunteer is accepted into the program.

  • Review and sign applicable SB40 policies, including HIPAA guidelines, Abuse/Neglect, Confidentiality Statement, and Conflict of Interest statement.

  • Completion of a background screen with Family Care Safety Registry and the Missouri Sex Offender Registry. 

  • In-person meeting with the Executive Director and/or a designated representative of Adair County SB40.

  • Provide their own transportation to and from assigned sites or activities.

AmbassaDDAIR Goal and Objectives

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