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Service Coordination Frequently Asked Questions


The Adair County SB40 Developmental Disability Board employs a team of thirteen Service Coordinators to link individuals to the resources they need to live the lives they choose.

Who do we serve?

The Adair County SB40 provides targeted case management services (TCM) to individuals with developmental disabilities in Adair, Putnam, Schuyler, Scotland and Sullivan counties.  To qualify for TCM, a person must be determined to be eligible for supports through the State Division of Developmental Disabilities. If the person has Medicaid, the service coordinators’ time spent providing TCM services will be billed to his or her Medicaid; if the person does not have Medicaid, no charges for TCM shall be billed.

What does a Service Coordinator do?

A service coordinator locates, accesses, and coordinates services and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. The service coordinator also determines program needs, identifies new services, and evaluates existing programs for these individuals. In addition, service coordinators ensure that all civil and human rights are upheld for each individual served.

How can I request services?

If you think that you or someone in your family may be eligible for services through the Adair County SB40, please contact the Division of Developmental Disabilities directly by calling the Kirksville Satellite Regional Office at


What is Service Coordination?

Case management assists individuals eligible for services from the Division of Developmental Disabilities in accessing comprehensive medical, social, educational, and other specialized services.  The service coordinators providing case management services are professionals who are trained in the field of developmental disabilities and/or closely related fields.  Each eligible individual is assigned a specific service coordinator who will become acquainted with the individual and work with the individual to identify, locate, coordinate and monitor services that meet the individual's distinct needs.

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