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Tricia Fehr

Service Coordinator

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Tricia and her husband, Dennis have two children, Sarah and Michael. She and her family reside in Adair County. Tricia and her husband have a cow-calf operation and both work in town. They stay very busy with work and the kids. Tricia started working for Adair County SB40 in May, 2019. She was looking for a career in which she could make a difference in people’s lives. Tricia has found that through working for SB40.  She enjoys the people she serves and the services that she is able to provide. Tricia says that "it is very rewarding to know that this organization I work for is making a difference in people’s lives and that I get to be a part in that."

This job is very near and dear to Tricia's heart as she has a brother with disabilities and has watched him struggle through the years. In helping him, she discovered SB40. Tricia knew that she wanted to become a part of the organization. To connect people with disabilities to the services they need, including some they may not have even know existed, so that they may have a better life is important to her.  She enjoys working with the people she supports saying, "They give me so much joy and rewards personally.  I look forward to continuing to serve the disabled."

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