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Tom DeBlauw

Service Coordinator

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Tom grew up in Iowa and Nebraska, and graduated from High School in Schuyler, Nebraska. Tom is a graduate of Northwest Missouri State University. He worked his way through college as a Residence Assistant. After graduating from Northwest, Tom worked at North Dakota State University in Fargo, North Dakota. Tom worked as a Hall Director in the Residence Life Program while at North Dakota State University. While in this job position, Tom was responsible for 500 Freshmen men and worked in the First Year Experience Program. Tom has lived in Kirksville for 16 years. He has worked a variety of jobs in and around Kirksville, including Admission Counselor, Director of Adult Education and Literacy, teaching in the Missouri Options Program, and presenting for the Missouri Training Institute. Tom has two children, and a cat and a dog. Tom enjoys volunteering to coach his children’s baseball and softball teams, and working with the food for kids program. In his free time enjoys, reading, listening to music, attending church and spending time with family.

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