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Our Mission


The Mission of the Adair County SB40 is to engage in ADVOCACY, promote INCLUSION, and provide essential RESOURCES to assist people with developmental disabilities to live self-determined lives.

DD Resource Center:  Service Coordination

The Adair County SB40 service coordinators work with individuals in Adair, Putnam, Schuyler, Scotland, and Sullivan Counties to develop comprehensive person-centered support plans which outline steps and access resources necessary to achieve each person's own unique life goals. Please see information under Service Coordination for more details.


Not-for-profit organizations located in Adair county, and residents of Adair, Putnam Schuyler, Scotland, and Sullivan Counties who have developmental disabilities and qualify for services, may request funding through the Adair County SB40 for disability-related programs and needs. Please see specific policies under Funding tab.


Community Learning Center
The Community Learning Center focuses on offering programs to help individuals increase their independence and knowledge as well as providing social and recreational opportunities.  Please click the Community Learning Center tab for more information.


Adair County SB40 Developmental Disability Board Announces July's Spotlight Award Winner!

Adair County SB40 is pleased to announce that Jadis McAtee has been selected to be the July recipient of the Youth Leadership and Community Partnership Spotlight Award for her support of the Team Rhoadsters Café students at William Matthew Middle School in Kirksville. Those students and their staff sponsor, Jacinda Rhoads, nominated Jadis for this recognition.


Rhoads stated “We would like to nominate Jadis, who is a student at Kirksville High School. Jadis bakes in memory of her late friend Kenlee Wallace and donates the proceeds to others in the community. Recently Jadis donated her proceeds to Team Rhoadsters Café. Jadis also volunteered her time with the Team Rhoadsters Café class in June thru the summer school session. During her time with the class, Jadis taught the students how to make homemade chocolate chip cookies.” The students also made thank you cards for Jadis and presented to her in appreciation for all that she did for them.


Team Rhoadsters Café is a class of middle school students in Kirksville that operates a café on the campus, led by their teacher Jacinda Rhoads. They sell their coffee, drinks and snacks to school personnel throughout the school year. The class enables these students with developmental disabilities to learn life skills, business acumen and prepare for adulthood responsibilities. Ms. Rhoads and her students were awarded the Youth Leadership Award in December of 2023. ”Jadis is a picture perfect example of youth leadership in our community,” Rhoads added. Upon learning of the Spotlight Award recognition, Jadis responded “These experiences have been some of the biggest blessings in my life.”


“Our Board loves to see the community come together to make sure everyone feels included,” said Crystal Aminirad, Executive Director of Adair County SB40 DD Board, “Jadis has been a community volunteer for a long time, and many area organizations have benefited from her generosity. It’s so exciting that Jadis shared her talents and her example of leadership with these younger students. Kids learn from kids, and what an amazing way to model citizenship for her peers! Thank you, Jadis, for all that you do for our community.”


Kenlee Wallaces’s mother, Laura Wallace, also joined the presentation of the award from Eureka, Missouri via live facetime provided by SB40 Service Coordinator and family friend Andy Magruder. Remembering when her daughter Kenlee was recognized for her donations to Adair County SB40, Wallace said “Jadis has always been such a good person. She has always done a lot for her community.” Jadis is the daughter of Samantha McAtee and Phil McAtee of Kirksville. She is going into her Junior year at Kirksville High School and hopes to be a Nurse after attending college.

If you would like to nominate a great candidate for a monthly Spotlight Award, Adair County SB40 is accepting nominations. Anyone can make a nomination. Nominations can be made in any of the four following categories:

   · Kids Inclusion Spotlight Award for children in 

     kindergarten - 8th grade

   · Youth Leadership Spotlight Award for youth in

    grades 9-12

   · Community Volunteer Spotlight Award (any age)

   · Entrepreneur or Employee Spotlight Award (any


In March 2025, a Spotlight Award of the Year winners will be selected from all of the monthly winners. Nominations can be made throughout the year by visiting the Adair County SB40 website or by contacting a SB40 staff member to assist you at

(660) 665 - 9400. You can also find more information about the four nomination categories by visiting Adair County SB40’s website,

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