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Our Mission


The Mission of the Adair County SB40 is to engage in ADVOCACY, promote INCLUSION, and provide essential RESOURCES to assist people with developmental disabilities to live self-determined lives.

DD Resource Center:  Service Coordination

The Adair County SB40 service coordinators work with individuals in Adair, Putnam, Schuyler, Scotland, and Sullivan Counties to develop comprehensive person-centered support plans which outline steps and access resources necessary to achieve each person's own unique life goals. Please see information under Service Coordination for more details.


Not-for-profit organizations located in Adair county, and residents of Adair, Putnam Schuyler, Scotland, and Sullivan Counties who have developmental disabilities and qualify for services, may request funding through the Adair County SB40 for disability-related programs and needs. Please see specific policies under Funding tab.


Community Learning Center
The Community Learning Center focuses on offering programs to help individuals increase their independence and knowledge as well as providing social and recreational opportunities.  Please click the Community Learning Center tab for more information.


Adair County SB40 Developmental Disability Board announces February's Spotlight Award Winner!

Adair County SB40 is excited to announce that Kirksville High School Senior Abraham Moore has been selected as the February Spotlight Award recipient for Youth Leadership. Abraham was nominated for this recognition by Laura Morrow, Service Coordinator at Adair County SB40. Morrow stated “Abraham has spent most of his high school career supporting his peers as the manager of the football and basketball teams. He is well liked and respected among his peers. He is respected among his teachers. Abraham also participates in bowling and basketball for the Special Olympics and is a morale-builder for his teammates.”


Kirksville High School Boys Basketball Head Coach said “Abraham is in his second year as a basketball manager. When Abraham shows up on game day, our guys light up. His energy and enthusiasm for the game and his teammates is infectious. We love having Abraham on our team!” Kirksville High School Football Coach Krietmeyer added “Abraham does a great job of helping the team with all things. He will help us set up the football field and getting ready for the game. He helps get the water for the guys at time out and half time. Abraham is a willing worker and is very passionate about the team and the guys.”


Kirksville High School’s Hillary Lyons coaches Abraham through Special Olympics. Lyons enthusiastically supports the award recognition for Abraham. “The Man, the Myth, the Legend!,” said Lyons, “He is loved by ALL of his classmates, from Freshman to Seniors! He is a social butterfly. If he isn't hanging out and talking with friends, he is participating in one of many sports! This past August, Abraham had the opportunity to go to a Chiefs training camp in St. Joseph, MO. He saw all the Chiefs players and even got an autograph. In the last two home football games, Abraham dressed out with the rest of the team. This has been one of his dreams for many years!” Regarding Abraham’s management of the basketball team, Lyons added “You can find Abraham courtside at gametime. He is a huge help to his team and encourages them every step of the way. This school year, Abraham was nominated by his Senior class for Court Warming King, which he won. And he plays basketball for Special Olympics, where his team recently earned First place. Abraham is an amazing young man, inside and out. You will not find a better friend, student, or person. He continually amazes me with his athleticism, compassion for others, and humor. We are so proud to call him a KHS Tiger.”


Crystal Aminirad, Executive Director of Adair County SB40 congratulated Abraham, saying “It's always inspiring to see someone dedicate their time and energy to making a positive impact in their community. Volunteering as a manager for high school football and basketball teams not only showcases Abraham’s passion for sports but also highlights his commitment to fostering teamwork and camaraderie. Leadership skills play a pivotal role in creating an inclusive environment, especially for individuals with developmental disabilities. By taking on the responsibility of a team manager, Abraham has demonstrated the ability to lead and unite diverse groups of people. Inclusion is not just about bringing people together; it's about recognizing and celebrating the unique strengths and abilities that each individual brings to the table.” 


Lyons added “Abraham’s personal goal by the end of the year is to be able to dunk in basketball. He practices daily and he is almost there. Based upon all that Abraham has achieved so far, we are certain he will make that goal – and any others which he may set for himself. All agree that Abraham will be missed at the High School next year, however we are excited to see what the future holds for him.”

If you would like to nominate a great candidate for a monthly Spotlight Award, Adair County SB40 is accepting nominations. Anyone can make a nomination. Nominations can be made in any of the four following categories:

  • Kids Inclusion Spotlight Award for children in kindergarten - 8th grade

  • Youth Leadership Spotlight Award for youth in grades 9-12

  • Community Volunteer Spotlight Award (any age)

  • Entrepreneur or Employee Spotlight Award (any age)

In March 2024, an Spotlight Award of the Year winners will be selected from all of the monthly winners. Nominations can be made throughout the year by visiting the Adair County SB40 website or by contacting a SB40 staff member to assist you at (660) 665 - 9400. You can also find more information about the four nomination categories by visiting Adair County SB40’s website,

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