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Our Mission


The Mission of the Adair County SB40 is to engage in ADVOCACY, promote INCLUSION, and provide essential RESOURCES to assist people with developmental disabilities to live self-determined lives.

DD Resource Center:  Service Coordination

The Adair County SB40 service coordinators work with individuals in Adair, Putnam, Schuyler, Scotland, and Sullivan Counties to develop comprehensive person-centered support plans which outline steps and access resources necessary to achieve each person's own unique life goals. Please see information under Service Coordination for more details.


Not-for-profit organizations located in Adair county, and residents of Adair, Putnam Schuyler, Scotland, and Sullivan Counties who have developmental disabilities and qualify for services, may request funding through the Adair County SB40 for disability-related programs and needs. Please see specific policies under Funding tab.


Community Learning Center
The Community Learning Center focuses on offering programs to help individuals increase their independence and knowledge as well as providing social and recreational opportunities.  Please click the Community Learning Center tab for more information.


Adair County SB40 Developmental Disability Board Announces June's Spotlight Award Winner!

Adair County SB40 has selected long-time Board member, Tyson Treasure, as the Community Volunteer Spotlight Award Recipient for his service on the Adair County SB40 Board. After eleven years of volunteer services to the Board, Tyson will be leaving his role at the end of June. He was appointed as a Director to the Board of Adair County SB40 by the Adair County Commissioners in July of 2013. Previously, Tyson volunteered in collaboration with John McConnell, another current SB40 Board member, to raise funds for local non-profit organization, Northeast Association for Citizens with Disabilities (NACD), formerly the United Cerebral Palsy chapter in Kirksville. Over the course of many years, they were able to raise thousands of dollars through fundraising activities for NACD. Tyson has been a lifelong advocate for people with disabilities in the Kirksville area.


When Tyson initially applied for appointment to the SB40 Board he stated “I am primarily seeking this position because I believe that I am part of a truly under-represented group in the disabled community, that of the successful disabled professional. I have been blessed with the opportunity to obtain both a B.S. in Computer Science from Truman State University and an M.S. in Computer Information Systems from Missouri State University. I believe that SB40 has a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between success and the extra financial burdens that come with a disability.”


Currently, Tyson works as Software Engineer III with SRC Logistics based in Springfield, Missouri. Tyson has been instrumental in providing direction to the SB40 management team regarding securing IT services and our IT security. He has also provided important critical review of SB40 annual budgeting, financial forecasting and financial variance analysis for several years. During his tenure on the Board, Tyson has served in the capacity of Treasurer and Chair of the Accountability and Financial Committee of the Board.


Julie Atchley, Adair SB40 Accountant stated, “Through his knowledge and expertise, Tyson’s contributions to the Finance Committee and the Board of Directors has been invaluable. Tyson has both an attention to detail and the ability to see the full picture. This has been instrumental in guiding our organization through our financial management decisions.” Crystal Aminirad, Executive Director added, “Tyson’s experience in information systems management has also helped Adair SB40 to operate efficiently. Tyson has demonstrated that people with disabilities are able and willing to offer essential services to their community, and that our community is a better place to live because of their dedication to that vision. We are deeply grateful for the time and attention that Tyson has offered to our organization over these last eleven years. He will be deeply missed.”


Tyson lives in Kirksville with his wife Erin and son Adam. He enjoys spending time with his family, including his parents, both at home and in his community.

If you would like to nominate a great candidate for a monthly Spotlight Award, Adair County SB40 is accepting nominations. Anyone can make a nomination. Nominations can be made in any of the four following categories:

   · Kids Inclusion Spotlight Award for children in 

     kindergarten - 8th grade

   · Youth Leadership Spotlight Award for youth in

    grades 9-12

   · Community Volunteer Spotlight Award (any age)

   · Entrepreneur or Employee Spotlight Award (any


In March 2025, a Spotlight Award of the Year winners will be selected from all of the monthly winners. Nominations can be made throughout the year by visiting the Adair County SB40 website or by contacting a SB40 staff member to assist you at

(660) 665 - 9400. You can also find more information about the four nomination categories by visiting Adair County SB40’s website,

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