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Our Mission


The Mission of the Adair County SB40 is to engage in ADVOCACY, promote INCLUSION, and provide essential RESOURCES to assist people with developmental disabilities to live self-determined lives.

DD Resource Center:  Service Coordination

The Adair County SB40 service coordinators work with individuals in Adair, Putnam, Schuyler, Scotland, and Sullivan Counties to develop comprehensive person-centered support plans which outline steps and access resources necessary to achieve each person's own unique life goals. Please see information under Service Coordination for more details.


Not-for-profit organizations located in Adair county, and residents of Adair, Putnam Schuyler, Scotland, and Sullivan Counties who have developmental disabilities and qualify for services, may request funding through the Adair County SB40 for disability-related programs and needs. Please see specific policies under Funding tab.


Community Learning Center
The Community Learning Center focuses on offering programs to help individuals increase their independence and knowledge as well as providing social and recreational opportunities.  Please click the Community Learning Center tab for more information.

Adair County SB40 Developmental Disability Board announces September's Spotlight Award Winner!

Adair County SB40 is pleased to announce that James Allen of Kirksville has been selected to receive the September 2023 Spotlight Award for his community Volunteerism.


James was nominated for this award by Adair County SB40 Service Coordinator, Tom DeBlauw. Tom said “James is a volunteer with a cat rescue team. He has volunteered to feed feral cats in the Kirksville community. He has played an important role in the capture of nearly 200 cats in Kirksville. The cats are trapped and taken to a veterinarian to be ‘fixed’. James has done his community a great service by limiting the number of stray cats in Kirksville”


James assists in the care and feeding of the feral cats that he helps to capture. He volunteers to clean the kennels that cats stay in until they can be spayed or neutered. He also volunteers to shop for cat food and litter for the cats. He continues to feed the cats that have been spayed and works to socialize them so that they can find their forever homes as a pet. James even adopted a cat that he helped to get treatment.


“Volunteerism is just one important way that every local citizen can contribute to making their community a better place to live for all,” said Crystal Aminirad, Executive Director of Adair County SB40. “People with developmental disabilities are a valuable part of our community and enjoy giving back to their community through their volunteerism. We love what James has done for feral cats in the Kirksville area. We are very proud of how devoted he is to their care. James definitely deserves a moment in the Spotlight!”

If you would like to nominate a great candidate for a monthly Spotlight Award, Adair County SB40 is accepting nominations. Anyone can make a nomination. Nominations can be made in any of the four following categories:

  • Kids Inclusion Spotlight Award for children in kindergarten - 8th grade

  • Youth Leadership Spotlight Award for youth in grades 9-12

  • Community Volunteer Spotlight Award (any age)

  • Entrepreneur or Employee Spotlight Award (any age)

In March 2024, an Spotlight Award of the Year winners will be selected from all of the monthly winners. Nominations can be made throughout the year by visiting the Adair County SB40 website or by contacting a SB40 staff member to assist you at (660) 665 - 9400. You can also find more information about the four nomination categories by visiting Adair County SB40’s website,

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