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Roger Crome - President, People First of Missouri


Roger Crome is a self-advocate living in Madison County Missouri. He is the President of People First Missouri and of his local chapter. Roger understands supports and services from a variety of perspectives. As a person with a developmental disability, Roger has been a recipient of services through the Division for many years. As a parent of children that have received services, he has seen the impact of services from the family point of view. Finally, Roger worked for a provider agency as a support staff and understands the perspective of the staff as well.

Currently, Roger is self employed and helps people to learn assistive technology, teaches adapted self defense and is an insurance broker. 

Roger's affiliation with People First of Missouri has taken him from a person that wasn't even registered to vote because he did not believe that his voice had an impact to an advocate at many levels. People First is so much more than a club or organization. It is a movement of people with disabilities mentoring people with disabilities.

Session Description - Self-Advocacy Groups - Why I Should Participate:

People First of Missouri is a self-advocacy organization that was formed by, is run by, and exists for people with developmental disabilities in the state of Missouri. The membership consists of local affiliated chapters. People First of Missouri is a non-profit organization that promotes equality for people with disabilities so they can live the life they want in the community. Learn about the work of People First of Missouri and how to bring this organization to Adair County.

Roger Crome - President, People First of Missouri
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