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Amanda Cooper - Volunteer, MoDE


Amanda is a loving wife and mother of three. Certified to teach birth through sixth grade, Amanda taught for 7 years split between kindergarten and second grade as well as teaching for 2 years with Community Bible Study. Knowing the value of education, and being extremely blessed, she retired from teaching in 2011 with the birth of their first child. Amanda enjoys learning and is a volunteer with MoDE.

Amanda enjoys running having completed several 1/2 marathons as well as participating in a Ragnar Relay Marathon from Madison, Wisconsin to Chicago, Illinois. She attended Truman State University where she met her husband Aaron. She transferred to University of Missouri and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education.

Session Description - IEPs, 504s, FBAs Oh My!

Join special education advocate, Michelle Ribaudo of MoDE Foundation, to discuss some of the common issues of understanding the IEP Process, utilizing 504s, what to ask, and where to turn when you hit a roadblock. You will walk away with practical tips and steps to help you dream big for that next meeting.

Amanda Cooper - Volunteer, MoDE
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