Feb 21, 2018

Grievance Policy



Adair County SB40 is committed to providing the best possible working conditions for its employees. Part of this commitment is encouraging an open and frank atmosphere in which any problem, complaint, suggestion, or question receives a timely response. Employees are expected to treat each other with mutual respect and are encouraged to offer positive and constructive criticism. Each employee is expected to communicate directly with his/her supervisor concerning any employment related problem.

If employees disagree with established rules of conduct, policies, or practices, they can express their concern through the grievance procedure. No employee will be penalized, formally or informally, for voicing a complaint with Adair County SB40 in a reasonable, business-like manner, or for using the grievance procedure. The employee may discontinue the procedure at any step.

1. Written complaints should define the issue and include what action is requested to be taken or to refrain from being taken. Complaints should be signed whenever possible, but confidentiality will be maintained as long as possible for discretion.

2. The employee submits a written complaint or grievance to his/her supervisor unless the grievance is against the supervisor in which case the Executive Director will receive the grievance. If the grievance is against the Executive Director, proceed to step 5.

3. Within five working days of receiving the written complaint or grievance, the supervisor or Executive Director must schedule a meeting with the employee(s) to discuss the matter. Every effort must be made to resolve the issue at this step, including face-to-face meeting between all parties involved in the complaint. If the issue is resolved, the employee and the supervisor or Executive Director will sign a written description of the resolution. If the issue is not resolved, proceed to step 4.

4. The employee may next submit his/her grievance to the Adair County SB40 Board Personnel Chair within five working days of the meeting with the supervisor or Executive Director.

5. The Adair County SB40 Personnel Committee will meet with the employee and/or supervisor/Executive Director within fifteen working days of receipt of the written grievance. If resolved, the Personnel Committee Chair, employee and supervisor/Executive Director will sign a written description of the resolution.

6. If after the meeting with the Personnel Committee, resolution is not achieved, this matter will be referred to the full Adair County SB40 Developmental Disability Board.

Written notice of any decision will be sent within five working days of the meeting to the employee and supervisor/Executive Director. The decision of the Board is final.

Feb 21, 2018

Approved until next board meeting to be held on March 13, 2018.

Feb 22, 2018

This process makes sense to me.

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