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Breakout Session A:  Intro to Charting the LifeCourse  David Forbes and Susan Parker

                 Charting My LifeCourse introduces self-advocates to the Building Blocks of the

                 Charting the LifeCourse (CtLC) framework and exploring your goals and vision for

                 a Good Life. Includes a Certificate of Completion. Join Susan as she facilitates

                 the Charting My LifeCourse training with session attendees and learn how to

                 bring this training to your own community.

Breakout Session F:  Charting My Own Course  Anna Montaldo

                 Anna discusses how she used Charting the LifeCourse to take control over her

                 own life by developing her own vocational curriculum and dictating her own

                 transition plan. When Anna was given a pre-planned future that didn't align with

                 her own goals, she took matters into her own hands. Learn how Anna paved her

                 own way.

Breakout Session K:  Self Advocacy Groups - Why I Should Participate  Roger Crome

                People First of Missouri is a self-advocacy organization that was formed by, is run

                by, and exists for people with developmental disabilities in the State of Missouri.

                The membership consists of local affiliated chapters. People First of Missouri is a

                non-profit organization that promotes equality for people with disabilities so they

                can live the life they want in their community. Learn about the work of People First

                of Missouri and how to bring this organization to Adair County.

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